Advance Steel – Using Autodesk Docs to Compare Model and Shop Drawing Versions

Keeping track of changes in a design can be challenging at various stages of the project. However, with the compare tool function in Autodesk Docs and Autodesk Advance Steel, we can now track these changes and see what has been added, deleted or modified.


Because the compare tool can be used with both Revit and DWG files, its functionality can also be utilised for Advance Steel. Files are uploaded into Docs and a version update is produced, which can then be used for comparison.

Once multiple model versions have been uploaded, we can use the compare tool to choose which versions to put forward for comparison. This will highlight and display all changes between document versions, making it simple to track every modification applied between models.

The compare tool can also be used for shop drawings and as before the tool is accessible when multiple drawings are uploaded into Docs. The tool displays two different colours that represent each version, clearly indicating any changes to a drawing. This two-version visibility can also be controlled separately.

There is also a slider function, in which a dividing line is moved across the screen to reveal each version as you move over a drawing.

The compare tool helps to easily identify changes in a project and highlights them quickly for review. For people not directly involved in a specific model, the tool makes tracking simple.


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