The secret life of a Bluebeam Revu markup

The humble Bluebeam Revu markups have a secret life that only a few users ever discover.
In this short post on “the secret life of a Bluebeam Revu markup”, we’ll highlight a few of the most useful ones.

Text markups

Add a Text Callout (a leader line with text). Shift+left-click over the knee of the leader line to add extra leaders arrows to the same piece of text:


Arc: The normal pick-process creates a quarter-ellipse shape.  To create a 3-point arc, hold the Alt key when picking the first point of the arc.







Ellipse: Hold the Alt key when picking the first point to draw a circle.  The first point becomes the circle centre.







Pressing Shift+left-pick on a markup boundary adds a control point.  This makes the creation of irregular-shaped markups easy:

Keyboard Shortcuts

Revu 2018 introduced a new function allowing the creation and customisation of keyboard shortcuts.  Anyone who’s used CAD software will know that combining existing mouse functions keyboard shortcuts can dramatically improve productivity.  On the “Help” menu, select “Keyboard Shortcuts Guide” to see a full list of all the standard shortcuts.  If you’re feeling creative and want to create your own shortcuts: On the “Revu” menu, select “Keyboard Shortcuts”.


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