CAMduct Multiple Branched Round Duct

CAMduct Multiple Branched Round Duct’s Rule!

I have been asked a few times “How do I make a Multiple Branched Round Duct?” For those of you using generic mcad software for doing ducting, I feel your pain. In Autodesk Fabrication CAMduct there are some pretty smart tools and one specific Pattern (ITM) for making multi-branched ducts. CAMduct is made for this work!

There are 165 ITM’s in the default CAMduct metric library that you can use by just entering values. You can find the default metric ITM’s here, and there are several odd ones to explore: C:/Users/Public/Documents/Autodesk/Fabrication 2017/Metric Content/V7.04/ITEMS/HVAC/Generic/Round/Manufactured/

The one I like for Multiple Branched Round Duct is ‘Unlimited Branches’ ITM. It goes by the CID of 850. There is another CID 830 that looks like it might be useful but don’t bother, this is the one to use.

CAMduct Multiple Branched Round Duct

This little beauty took about 3 minutes to create and the flat patterns are ready to nest. In this example, it is way too big for a single sheet so it is split into 2. Check out the splits, angles, rotation, insets, and offsets.

CID 850

This beauty is made with complex Multiple Branched Round Duct in mind. When first selected the duct looks round and the values you can change easily enough but what about the branches?  Down the bottom of the dialog, is where you activate the magic by adding branches.CAMduct Multiple Branched Round Duct

Add a branch and you get a choice of:

CAMduct Multiple Branched Round Duct
Straight Branch
CAMduct Multiple Branched Round Duct
Left Shoe
CAMduct Multiple Branched Round Duct
Reducing Branch
CAMduct Multiple Branched Round Duct
Conical Branch







You can also check the developments for any naughty red self-intersecting patterns that can’t be made. To get an update on your values, use Redraw.

It would be nice if there was a clearer delineation between each branch other than just its number. You do get used to keeping an eye on the branch you are working with. Try to get the one you are working on finished before adding the next. It just makes it easier.

Now it is not so obvious what to do to delete an unwanted branch so here is a tip – zero out all the variables for the branch.

Smart CID’s

This is one of many ‘smart’ CID or patterns inside Autodesk Fabrication CAMduct 2017. It is worth taking some time to explore the other patterns to find the transitions you never thought of!

Feel free to make a comment if you want to see specific features in CAMduct explained.

For those of you who are visiting this blog and are unsure what CAMduct is please refer to


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