Network Licensing and Autodesk 2017 software

Network Licensing and Autodesk 2017 software

If you’re running a network (multi-user) license of any Autodesk’s software and planning to update to 2017, then you’ll need to plan the update of your license manager.

Whilst this is a fairly simple procedure, getting it wrong can leave all your user unable to operate their software, so a few minutes of planning and awareness will pay dividends.

Obtain your new license file either from CADPRO or directly from Autodesk licensing.  Note that if you have multiple Autodesk products, we can join all the individual licenses together for you.

Open LMTOOLS and check Help > About.  If the version number is earlier than 11.13 (pronounced “eleven dot thirteen”) then you could experience some very strange behaviour.  When running 11.12 (or earlier), the licenses appear to be issued correctly, but users can’t open 2017 software.  2016 software continues to work without issues.

  • IMPROTANT: From Windows Services manager, stop the existing license service.  (This ensures lmgrd.exe is not in use and can be safely removed.)
  • Uninstall the existing license manager
  • Install the 2017 license manager – either from your 2017 installation media, or download it from here
  • Configure the new license manager with the new 2017 license file.

You can complete what looks like a successful update to the license manager without completing the “IMPROTANT” step above – but can leave you in a situation where you appear to have 11.13 running, but users will still be unable to pick up 2017 licenses.
The process above shouldn’t take more than about 5 minutes if you don’t hit any unforeseen problems.  If you want a hand, contact CADPRO support and book in a time for some remote assistance.

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