New Update of Autodesk Recap Pro

A new Automatic Target Extraction feature was introduced to Autodesk Recap Pro on Oct 11th, 2021 and is available in version

The new feature is not to be confused with the Automatic Detection of Targets, which identifies Targets automatically during the registration process. Let’s discuss the Target feature in Autodesk Recap Pro.

As most Autodesk Recap Pro users may already be aware, Targets are used during the scanning process to increase accuracy within the project. Targets are also employed to help with the manual registration process or to tighten registration groups by selecting Targets once the scan group has been identified.

The new Automatic Target Extraction feature speeds up the Target selection and marking process within scans and gives users the ability to greater optimise their projects. Previously, once a Target was marked, the user would have to manually select the matching Targets in the corresponding scans and select the correct Target number. With the new Automatic Target Extraction functionality, Targets will automatically be marked in relevant scans of the same scan group when users select and mark a Target.

Note: The Automatic Target Extraction function will only work on a registered group on the left-hand side, the Manual Target will be shown in yellow, and the Automatic Target will be shown in cyan.


Users also now have the option to set the Target name prefix and quality report colour codes from the registration settings.


Here we can see that registration is now optimised.

This is a great addition to Recap Pro and will speed up the optimisation process!


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