Overriding the Display of Multiple Linked Revit Model Instances

This one goes out to the Auckland Revit User Group RUGAKL. How to override the display of a Linked Model Instance. Here’s the scenario, you have a project that you want to Link into another project and place this Link two or more times. But for each instance of this Link, you want to override say a particular Category colour or change the display of an entire instance without changing the second or third instance of the same Link. Plus avoid using Filled Regions to achieve this.

Here are the steps:

1. For this example, I have modelled a single Roof element.

2. Save the Project as Roof.RVT
3. Create a new Project and Link in Roof.RVT.

4. Place the Roof.RVT link two or more times.
5. Open the Site view.

6. Type VG (for Visibility/Graphics) and select the Revit Links tab:
7. Now here’s the part that isn’t that obvious. Click the + sign to the left of the link file name, in this example, Roof,rvt:
8. For the first instance, named 1 (<Not Shared>), at the end of the row select the By Host View button:
9. From the Basics tab, select Custom. This will unlock the Model Category settings for editing:
10. From the Model Categories tab, select the drop down list and choose <Custom>:
11. Doing this now let’s us edit all of the Model Category settings.
12. Find the Roof Category and select the Patterns Override button. This is located under the Projection/Surface heading:
13. In the Fill Pattern Graphics editor, change both the Color and Pattern properties:
14. Click OK enough times to return back to the view. Note the colour  and pattern change for the first Roof Link Model instance:
15. Now, repeat the same steps to override both the Color and Pattern for the second Roof Link instance. Remember to select the second Row under the Revit Links tab:
16. With both instances overriding, compare the two Linked Roof instances:
17. You can use the same process to unlock and edit the Annotation and other Category settings for each instance.

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