Revit 2021.1 – Shared Views

Up until now, the only method to communicate markups and design changes is by creating a BIM 360 Project, which takes some planning, or sending pdf’s back and forth with markups.
Shared views allow you to share your live model with collaborators and get their input right back into the model, without them having access to Revit or an Autodesk Account.

Here Is How It Works:

After installing the update, you will find the Shared Views icon on the collaboration tab of your Revit Ribbon.

Menu Bar Within Revit

To share a view, you need to open a 3D view, then select ‘New Shared View’ in the shared view pallet.

Give your new shared view a name and click share.

A progress bar shows up but allows you to continue working. A notification will pop up once the view has been uploaded to the Autodesk model Viewer.

Shared Viewer Notification

When the shared views has been uploaded, you’ll see this notification below:

Now you can select Copy the link if you wish to share it immediately.

Alternatively, select the ellipses button on the Shared View tool pallet to copy the link and share to your collaborators.

Once they received their email link, your collaborators will be directed to the Autodesk Model Viewer in their browser of choice. The entire model will be shared with them but orientated in the way you shared it.

The tools available will allow multiple collaborators to navigate through the model and get basic dimensions.

Once they are signed in, they get the added mark-up tool.

Once a markup has been created and saved, you can select the refresh button in Revit on the Shared Views pallet. This will bring all new markups into Revit with an attached screenshot. When you select a mark-up, a browser will open with the Autodesk Model Viewer and orientate the model to that view.

Everyone that has access to this model will see all the mark-ups and comments made.

As this is a new addition to the Revit 2021 feature set we evaluated its features and there are a few items to be aware of when you start using this functionality in Revit which we thought we should share:

  • A Revit subscription is required to create and upload a shared view.
  • A Shared View is active for 30 days but can be extended or deleted by the creator.
  • Shared Views must be created from 3D Views of .RVT files. .RFA and .RTE files are not supported.
  • A section box in a 3D view affects what is viewable in the shared view, which is extremely useful if you just intend to send someone part of a model to view
  • A Camera view does not affect what is viewable, and the entire 3D model will be able to be viewed.
  • No model elements can be select in the shared view and no properties are captured and/or can be displayed.

The new Shared Views in the Revit 2021.1 update allows collaboration with a broader team to improve efficacy and production.

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