The Autodesk Digital Twin Solution

The Autodesk Digital Twin Solution

The word “Digital Twin” seems to be seen everywhere nowadays. ‘Digital Twin’ and the number of solution offerings are steadily increasing, with each of them having their specifics and capabilities around Digital Data Modelling and what we can get out of it or, more importantly, what we should put into it!

What is a digital twin? A digital twin is a dynamic, up-to-date replica of a physical asset that brings together design, construction and operational data. With the addition of real-time operational data, digital twins acquire the behavioural awareness necessary to simulate, predict and inform decisions based on real-world conditions.

But in the end, it needs to be considered in the context of its purpose – what are the business objectives we are trying to achieve in having a Digital Twin.

Undoubtedly, better Insights is with better data, and we strive to reduce uncertainty while gaining efficiencies. This also accounts for Digital Twin’s where we strive to harness and access its data – providing teams with improved ROI and helping with everything from capital planning to facilities maintenance.

Interestingly, Autodesk has invested in the Digital Twin concept for years, and Autodesk InfraWorks was one of these tools to assist in helping simulate the effect of flooding and traffic flow. However, we seem to have reached a turning point in the industry where clients start to explore the realisation of the benefits of digital twins with the result of many players entering this market opportunity.

While we could regard Digital Twin as yet another buzzword in the industry, it dramatically benefits firms, and design teams through BIM data management improved collaboration, process and workflows. Still, it is the asset owners that have the most to gain. This ultimately creates an opportunity to enable a better value proposition for asset owners across the lifecycle of such a facility – even to the extent of decommissioning when the purpose of the asset is no longer required.

Back in 2020, Autodesk introduced us to new technology named Autodesk Tandem which builds on conditioning and maximising your existing BIM data to create a digital twin, including enabled and integration with new and existing systems to connect the digital model to the operational and performance data of its physical counterpart – therefore unlocking the true value of a digital twin!

While the world talks about digital twins as the smart building solutions of tomorrow, Autodesk Tandem lets you start harnessing their power today, to realise your digital twin vision, your way.

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