Autodesk Knowledge Network gets a facelift

Autodesk Knowledge Network

Tips to getting the most from the new tools and features.

Over the last few months the Autodesk Knowledge Network has had a facelift and here are a few tips to getting the most from the new tools and features.

In an effort to consolidate the range of online support mechanisms, the Knowledge Network now pulls references from all of Autodesk’s online resources.  A search will now provide feedback from existing articles, user forums, YouTube, and blog posts from around the world.

New tools enable content to be filtered by product, version, subject area (Installation, downloads, account management etc).  You can even refine your search once you have your initial results to weed out the areas that are not close enough to the result you’re looking for.

Once found, your target article can be “Liked” – thereby adding credibility to the result, shared easily, and added to a “collection” – your own personal support resource.  This last item is particularly useful when you discover those hard-to-find resources that you want to keep for the future reference.  Collections can be created and managed as part of your Autodesk Account profile.

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