What’s New with BIM 360 Design Collaboration

Design Collaboration has delivered several recent updates that may have flown under the radar.

  • Team Theming
  • Custom Shared folder
  • Team Model Coordination Administration

Team Theming

Team Theming allows users to assign a colour theme to Teams when using Project Model.

This feature is very similar to using Worksharing Display Modes in Revit or the Appearance Profiler in Navisworks and provides a much clearer understanding of where each element comes from.




Team Theming

Team Theming is a quick way to visually differentiate the models authored by different Teams.

Team colours are assigned by the project administrator at the time of creating Teams and are also the colours used to track Team activity within the Project Timeline.

Project Model is used to view federated models that include Work In Progress (WIP) and all Consumed models from the active Team space.

There are additional features that are enabled when using Project Model, which you should take advantage of; Hyper model, Locations and the Place Me function.

Custom Shared Folder

Project administrators can now define a custom shared folder during the Design Collaboration set-up process.

This enhancement enables you to better integrate with your existing company standards.

When you create Teams in Design Collaboration, a Shared folder is automatically created. The Shared folder is a common space for models that are shared by other Teams.

When a Team shares a Package, the contents are moved to the Shared folder.


Team Model Coordination Administration

For customers of both Design Collaboration and Model Coordination, project administrators can now activate Coordination Spaces at the time of creating Teams during the Design Collaboration set-up process.

By default, the Shared folder is selected as the Coordination Space.

A Coordination Space is a folder that can be configured under Plans or Project Files. Models uploaded to the folder are coordinated and automatically checked for clashes.

With this new feature project administration can:

  • Activate/deactivate coordination space for Design Collaboration Shared folder
  • Activate/deactivate coordination space for existing Teams by admin page team table
  • Activate coordination space during the creation of a new Team in Design Collaboration

Each Team folder at the time of creating Teams can be configured as a Coordination Space, separate to use the Shared folder.

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