Infraworks 360 – Ideal for planners and concept designs

Infraworks 360 and Infraworks 360 LT was released recently by
Autodesk. The product was previously called Infraworks and was available as
part of the Infrastructure Design Suites. Infraworks 360 and Infraworks 360 LT
can now be purchased on their own through Desktop Subscription or as part of
the Infrastructure Design Suites or Building Design Suite Ultimate.

This is a great tool for town planning, urban planning and landscape
planning along with creating conceptual designs that can then be directly
imported into Civil 3D for the detailed design process. Along with this
Infraworks 360 has a good rendering and visualisation engine which enables
generation of scenarios and flythroughs for presentations to stakeholders,
contractors and the public. These scenarios and visualisations can be accessed
anywhere and collaborated on via the cloud using a secure project specific news
and messaging design feed.
Infraworks 360 has the ability to import most types of data
including 3D models, DWG, IMX, Revit, CityGML, DGN 3D models, IFC, LandXML,
Point Cloud, Raster, SDF, SHP, SQLite and Sketchup files. With this data
Infraworks 360 is able to create terrain, drape raster images, buildings, roads
and drainage. There is also a basic library included which consists of things
such as street furniture, vegetation, vehicles and people.
Infraworks 360 is also customisable with a style palette,
style rules and scripting. This allows standards and objects to be created and
shared between projects. For example a coverage can be created for cadastral
boundaries and used when importing GIS data. Materials can be created for
various road types and used when importing data from Civil 3D.
Analysis can be performed using themes such as terrain,
feature, suitability, point cloud, sun & sky along with distance, range
finder and statistics.
There are some additional tools available for Infraworks 360
(not for Infraworks 360 LT though), such as:
  • Roadway Design – Design roads, intersections and
    roundabout as well as traffic analysis.
  •  Bridge Design – Design bridges as well as
    structural analysis.
  •  Drainage Design – Design networks and culverts
    as well as drainage analysis.
This is a product that is in constant development and will
have regular updates (at least 2 a year) and will just keep improving. I can
see this becoming not just a tool for planning and conceptual design but a tool
for detailed design and the maintenance of assets.

Please contact CADPRO if you have any queries about Infraworks 360.

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