Transferring styles and settings between Civil 3D drawings

Civil 3D drawings have all their styles and settings setup
within the dwg file rather than saved within the Civil 3D software. This is why
it is vitally important to have a Civil 3D template created right at the start
of a project, this will allow everyone on the project to use the same settings
and styles and be consistent.

However if you are using a dwg file that has some settings
and styles missing or you simply wish to use settings and styles from another
dwg file, there are a couple of ways to do this.
Firstly create a copy of your drawing that can be used as a
test. Then open up the test drawing in Civil 3D and click on the Manage tab.

At the far right of the Manage ribbon you should see the
Import Styles button, click on this.

A dialog box will appear asking to select the dwg/dwt
file that you would like to use to import the styles from. I have used the
Australia & New Zealand design template which comes in the Autodesk ANZ
country kit.

Click open. A box will pop up asking if you are sure you
want to do this. Click OK. A new dialog box will now appear. This box will show
all the styles and setting that will be transferred over, this is editable so
that you can select only the styles you wish to use. The Imort settings option
at the bottom will import things like text styles, dimension styles, etc. so if
you have these setup already it may be a good idea to untick this option.

Click OK. A dialog box will appear stating if the import was
You should be able to check and see what styles have been imported
if you go to Toolspace and click on the Settings tab.
The other way of transferring styles from one
drawing/template to another is to use the Toolspace. At the top of the
Toolspace will be a dropdown menu. We will need to select Master View as this
will show settings for all opened drawings/templates. Make sure you have the
drawing with the styles open along with the drawing without the styles.

What we need to do now is find the drawing that has the
styles in the Toolspace and then expand it.

This should show all the styles in that drawing. Firstly make
sure you are in the drawing tab of the drawing that you wish to import the
styles into. Go back to the Toolspace and find the style(s) that you wish to
import. I am going to choose the ANZ Part List which is under Pipe
Network/Parts Lists.

Now just hold down the left mouse button and drag and drop
the style into the drawing that has no styles.
If you look in Toolspace you will be able see that the style has
been copied over.

I hope this has been useful to you and will help with the creation of templates.

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