3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro Wireless – Why go Pro?

SpaceMouse Wireless 6DoF navigation and QuickView Keys

A few months ago 3Dconnexion released a wireless version of their successful SpaceMouse Pro CAD productivity device. It’s a simple evolution, add a wireless transmitter with a long life battery et voilà. Sure if you were to never move the device from your desk and wires don’t bother you but charging batteries does, then there is little to gain. However, with this update, comes another significant benefit… to your wallet. The pricing across the range has been lowered in New Zealand, as a result we are able to offer excellent value for new users but also those who should probably be upgrading to a professional device from their trusty old, wired, 3Dconnexion Navigators.
Last week I published my review of the SpaceMouse Pro Wireless over on Design & Motion. Over the years I’ve been dubious about the benefits of spending more of my hard earned cash on a professional 3Dconnexion device, having now used one for a couple of months I’ve had a change of opinion. So what is it, why should you go Pro? Head on over to Design & Motion to find out.

Once you are done, and want to know pricing, then please either send an email through to sales@cadpro.co.nz or ring through to the office and speak to one of our sales staff on (09) 302 4028. We carry stock, which means you could have one of these puppies sitting on your desk by smoko tomorrow morning.

3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro Wireless


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