6 Reasons why you should add support to your design software subscription

6 Reasons why you should add support to your design software subscription. 

Discover 6 reasons why users should purchase technical services and beyond product support with their software subscriptions 


1. Local configuration  

Purchasing services with your subscription ensures that your software is properly configured and implemented from the get-go. CADPRO assists users to set up design templates and local content that can increase productivity and be used in your business’s design workflows over and over again. CADPRO can also assist you to implement proper data management from the outset and avoid complications in future. CADPRO’s local experts are industry experienced and can help optimise your end-to-end design processes, starting with configuration.


2. Protect your installation

Proper software installation is key to avoiding problems and ensures your platforms are performing optimally. If the software is installed incorrectly, your businesses productivity is at risk. CADPRO offers free installation and licensing support (except Vault Server) with every new subscription, to make sure you get the most out of your purchase.


3. Save valuable time 

Purchasing technical services gives you on-demand access to technical experts and ensures problems are resolved quickly, without incurring additional cost or wasting your time trying to find a solution. The CADPRO services team enable our clients to get back to work swiftly with on-hand, local time zone support. CADPRO offer remote interrogation and troubleshooting, ensuring speedy resolutions to any issues or questions you may have.


4. Increase productivity

Quick access to local service teams means your work can continue smoothly, without interruption. Work stress-free knowing that if issues arise with your software, there is someone on-hand to help. CADPRO Technical Services (CTS) is a time-based service, that can be purchased separately to software and used whenever you need assistance.


5. Keep updated (and secured)

Making sure software is up to date is crucial to keeping your platforms safe and secure. Support can assist you to ensure that your business assets are protected, up to date, fast and feature-rich. CADPRO services teams can also help you to keep up to speed with new features and solutions and CADPRO offers a number of training options for CAD users.


6. Get correct answers, not guesses

Avoid time wasted on forums and long international phone queues for access to support. Not only do these channels waste time, but they also do not always give you the best or most efficient answers to your problems. CADPRO are widely recognised as providing the best, most professional, after-sales support.


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