Adapting to the Future

I recently attended an event about manufacturing design for
the future. It was a very insightful event, the presenters covered a few topics
that made me start to think and wonder if these topics could be applied outside
of the manufacturing world.
With manufacturing, companies are finding that current
processes are becoming less efficient with little or no profit. Mainly because
these processes have been used over many years and are falling behind technology
which is advancing at a rapid rate. In order to sustain longevity and improve,
these companies are learning to adapt to new ideas and processes. Intellectual
property is being actively dropped in order to encourage idea sharing. These
companies are collaborating to find better ways to design or manufacture
efficiently. Some companies have even chosen to head in a new direction and are
now thriving because of it.
I have worked within the civil infrastructure business for
several years and am well aware of the pitfalls that can occur when bidding for
or working on projects. Reduced budgets, tight deadlines and a lack of
communication are some of the hurdles that are regularly faced by many
Civil infrastructure companies could end up in a similar
situation to the manufacturing companies. Current civil processes have been
around for years and are becoming less effective with handling the tightly
controlled deadlines and budgets of modern day. Idea sharing and collaboration
could be instrumental in the creation of new processes and improvement of old
processes that can help prevent companies from being left behind. Within civil
infrastructure BIM is now becoming a necessity by governing bodies and
regulatory authorities around the world, this will make a lot of companies
adapt to new ways of thinking and structuring the workflow in the most
effective way. This is a promising start and should lead to some new and
interesting developments.
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