Autodesk Computer Aided Manufacturing Specialisation

CADPRO is pleased to announce that as of 1st August 2021 we have acquired the Autodesk Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) specialisation in Australia. CADPRO New Zealand gained the Autodesk CAM specialisation last year in 2020. This recognition compliments the design and manufacturing expertise that CADPRO has built up over the past 20 years. 

CADPRO can now provide advanced CAM software, technical support, training and post modifications across both New Zealand and Australia.

“With the current Australian investment in manufacturing, and the desire to bring back sovereign manufacturing capability, there has never been a better opportunity to optimise related workflows and processes. I’m pleased that CADPRO Australia has invested in resources to support the advanced manufacturing market in Australia, and I congratulate the entire CADPRO team on achieving the CAM specialisation within the Autodesk Partner Program.” – The Autodesk Channel Team 

Access the following Autodesk CAM Software through CADPRO New Zealand and Australia: 

  • PowerMill 
  • FeatureCAM  
  • PowerShape  
  • PowerInspect 
  • Netfabb 
  • CAMplete 
  • Fusion CAM  
  • Inventor CAM 

Find out more here: New Zealand or Australia

CAM software services available through CADPRO New Zealand and Australia:  

  • Training – beginner to advanced 
  • NZ: Classroom or remote  
  • AUS: Remote training available  
  • Ongoing technical support and services (CADPRO Technical Services)  
  • Post processor configuration and modification  
  • Installation and licensing support 
  • Software configuration and customisation 
  • Machine build for simulation – PowerMill and FeatureCAM
  • Manual coordinated measuring machine (CMM), Inspection Arm & CNC CMM – PowerInspect 
  • On machine verification (OMV) setup & post processor – PowerInspect 

Gain access to our range of post processors through the Massif platform

Find a CAM training course in our New Zealand classrooms

If you are interested in moving your CAM software to CADPRO, please complete this change of reseller form here: New Zealand or Australia

Or contact us below:

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