Autodesk Fusion 360 CAM Challenge – Round 2

Al Whatmough kicked off the first Fusion 360 CAM Challenge last month, with some incredible entries from all around the world, including some stunning entries from Australia & New Zealand. Auckland’s CXP Racing actually started the whole thing off by accident, and inadvertently delivered the very first entry.

cxp-racing fusion 360 cam challenge

The competition turned into a massive success with 52 entries delivered on time and many more since. The reach and engagement in the machining community, and this wasn’t just Autodesk CAM users, was truly impressive. Lots was learnt by all by going through the process and sharing ideas and toolpaths among everyone. My favourite ANZ entry came from Ben Smith of AB CNC in Nairne, South Australia, his use of the various toolpaths in Fusion 360 to created a really stunning effect.

ben-smith-ab-cnc Fusion 360 CAM Challenge

Fusion 360 CAM Challenge

So what’s the story with the next competition? Curtis Chan is kicking this one off, and given it’s an Olympic year, he’s themed this competition around a Fusion 360 Medallion. Here are the rules:


  • Download and Open Fusion 360
  • Get the Fusion 360 Medallion from the ‘Workshops & Events’ Folder under ‘Contests’ in the Data Panel.
  • Make that part using either Fusion 360, Inventor HSM or HSMWorks.
  • If you prefer you can design your own Fusion 360 medallion and make that instead.
  • Deadline is September 28th 2016 USA time.
  • Post a picture or video of the Toolpath & finished part on Instagram using these tags:

Grand Prize Winner

  • Admission to Autodesk University Las Vegas 2016
  • Las Vegas Hotel Expenses
  • 3D Connexion Spacepilot Pro

There will also be consolation prizes for runner ups.

The winner(s) will be decided by a panel of judges from the Autodesk Fusion 360 & CAM teams.

The next steps

Swing on over to Instagram and setup an account if you haven’t already got one. Touch base with Gavin Bath, Scott Moyse & Matthew Weake by following them and letting them know you are getting involved. You can download and get started with Fusion 360 straight away. But hurry you only have 7 days to get your entry programmed and machined, routed or printed out.

See you on Instagram, we want to see someone from Australia or New Zealand win this and GOOD LUCK!!

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