Autodesk Inventor 2014 Service Pack 2

Autodesk Inventor 2014 Service Pack 2

This morning I woke up to an email in my Inbox from Autodesk. They were kindly informing me they have now released a Service Pack, which fixed issues relating to a number of crash reports I had submitted in the last few months. So I thought I would share my example, then go onto let our esteemed readers/customers know what has been fixed in Inventor 2014 SP2.

The E-mail

First of all, I wouldn’t have received this email if I didn’t submit the Crash Report. Secondly I wouldn’t have received it if I hadn’t provided my email. Then finally I wouldn’t have received this neat little list of specific issues related to me, if I hadn’t included a basic description of the steps which lead to the crash:

Autodesk Maintenance update email

So not only did I help out the Inventor developers, by giving them good quality information with the crash report. I’ve helped myself out by jogging my memory regarding which issues this Service Pack can help me with. Notice how I didn’t provide any steps on the 1/11/2013, I must have been feeling lazy that day.

What’s Fixed?

The longest list shown below relates to a lot of the annoying graphical errors we have all been experiencing. So they are very good to see.

Inventor Professional

  • Inventor exits unexpectedly when you delete multiple midsurfaces simultaneously.
  • Inventor exits unexpectedly when you export some assembly files with midsurface shells to STEP format.
  • Artificial stiffness sometimes occurs because of line-on-line geometry in bonded contact.
  • Certain contacts are missing during automatic contact detection for some FEA cases.
  • Corrupt models are now blocked from contact detection and solve unless you use a registry key as a workaround:[HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareAutodeskInventorRegistryVersion18.0Assembly Stress Analysis] “ContinueOnCorruptModels”=dword:00000001
  • Some customer models which can be meshed/solved in a prior version, are blocked from mesh/solve in Inventor 2014.
  • Yield strength values in an FEA report do not use the correct unit conversions.
  • Models with very large number of spring contacts ( > 2^16 contacts) are no longer blocked from finishing in SP2.



  • Using i-Drop fails to drag and drop a component into an assembly.
  • A Server communication error occurs when you replace a component from Content Center while Table View is enabled.
  • API method Documents.OpenWithOptions raises an error for assemblies with deleted default views.
  • Inventor exits unexpectedly when calling Assets.Add if an Inventor Material Library does not exist.
  • API reports an error when accessing ArcLengthDimConstraint in a sketch.

Application Functionality

  • If the license is unavailable, the customized options revert.
  • Ribbon appearance reverts to Small after you restart Inventor and dock the ribbon to the left or right with the Normal appearance.
  • Optimization users with account IDs that are non-numeric are blocked from entering Optimization.
  • Non-English Inventor exits unexpectedly when you use the Style Library Manager to migrate a style library.
  • On a Windows 8 operating system, Inventor exits unexpectedly when you close it after you save a Mold Design.
  • When the InfoCenter search is collapsed, keyboard shortcuts do not work.
  • On the Create New File dialog box, large and extra-large icon options on Create New File dialog box do not work.


  • Inventor exits unexpectedly when you click the additional geometry of Simplify Define envelopes after loading Express.
  • Inventor exits unexpectedly when you exit in-place edit environment from a sub-assembly and then undo.
  • In a derived assembly, a component is missing when you change a positional representation from Master to user defined.
  • Inventor exits unexpectedly when you create a shrinkwrap of an assembly containing a part with a composite in the Repair Environment and its source feature is deleted.

Content Center

  • If you switch users within the roaming profile environment, the Content Center becomes unavailable.
  • Migrated custom content is missing materials, and Inventor sometimes exits unexpectedly when you access the library.
  • Inventor exits unexpectedly when the Content Center dialog box is open, and you place a component and then exit the dialog box.

Engineers Notebook

  • Inventor exits unexpectedly when you copy and paste components after you delete a note.

Enhanced Visualization

  • Dimension text is too blurred to see under certain color schemes.
  • Display True line Weights does not take effect immediately.
  • In a drawing view, Shade disappears when you zoom.
  • In a drawing view, Leaders display behind the image.
  • Hidden edges do not display in a section view.
  • AmbientShadows show through the transparent components when you in-place edit an assembly and zoom it.
  • Inventor exits unexpectedly when you enable ray tracing after creating a section view.
  • Inventor exits unexpectedly when Windows prompts “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered”.
  • Decal image quality is poor in Performance and Quality modes.
  • After you move a part in an assembly, strange arcs appear in a section view.
  • When zooming in some large assemblies, abnormal triangles appear occasionally.
  • When you open a mechanical desktop file on some low end machines, Inventor exits unexpectedly.
  • Graphics do not render correctly by leaving ghosting or missing parts in assemblies.
  • An assembly with a section view does not display correctly if the Workplane is in front of the section plane.
  • Inventor exits unexpectedly when Windows prompts “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered”.

Frame Generator

  • Fails to delete some frame members.
  • Fails to apply Notch to certain frames.


  • All unused materials are deleted after purged once.
  • A Zero and negative value is acceptable for density of a physical property.

Part Modelling

  • If you edit the iPart table through Excel 2013 while you have other files opened in Excel, you cannot save the changes to the table.

Point Cloud

  • Inventor exits unexpectedly when you attach certain .rcp files.


  • Inventor exits unexpectedly when you trim some splines.


  • Inventor exits unexpectedly when reading certain CATIA v5 files.
  • Inventor fails to read some Solidworks assembly files.
  • Nothing displays when you import some STEP files.
  • Inventor does not respect custom resolution setting when you export STL files by API.
  • Title block property text and the sketch of a drawing view moves their positions after you save an .idw to the AutoCAD .dwg file format.
  • iLogic rule does not work when you save a drawing as .pdf without an explicit path.
  • Model sketches within the Cropped View are entirely visible after you save an .idw to the AutoCAD .dwg file format.
  • Inventor exits unexpectedly when you export certain files to the AutoCAD .dwg file format.


Well there’s definitely some great stuff in there. I’m very pleased to see this level of progress. So don’t hang about if any of these issues have been bugging you, go and download Inventor 2014 Service Pack 2.


It appears Service Pack 2 may have broken embedded images when it comes to exporting them.

  • Drawings exported as DWF or PDF will have embedded images missing 

In addition there is also Hotfix INV18201 which addresses the following issues:

  • Unexpected exit when open drawing in VBA

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