Autodesk Manufacturing Innovation Update

Join Autodesk’s keynote speakers fresh from Autodesk University Australia 2016 in Auckland & Christchurch for a Manufacturing Innovation update – Register Now

4 Benefits when you attend Autodesk Manufacturing Event:

  • Stay current with new trends and technology in the manufacturing industry.
  • Learn from leading product experts and working professionals from Autodesk
  • Connect with industry peers, thought leaders and Autodesk executives.
  • Explore new technology

Autodesk Manufacturing Update event

Autodesk Guest Speakers:

Rob Hunt – Sales Manager ANZ | Manufacturing Solutions

Russel Speight – Director, MPG-Simulation Technology, PDG-Simulation Autodesk Australia
The Future of Making Things
Matthew McKnight – Senior Technical Sales Specialist Autodesk Australia

Manufacturing: Why additive manufacturing isn’t a fad and how it’s transforming the way companies design and making things. Additive Manufacturing (AM), or 3D Printing (as it’s more commonly known), is already changing the way manufacturers design and make things. From small commercial units to large production machines, the adoption of AM is happening at a rapid rate. In particular this is happening in Australia with 100’s of manufacturers implementing additive manufacturing into their processes, often in unique and novel ways. This session will look at the latest advancements in AM, the ways that manufacturers are or can implement AM and break down some of the traditional barriers associated with adoption of AM in the design and manufacture workflow. Presented by Matthew McKnight, Autodesk Australia

Manufacturing: How connected products are changing the landscape for manufacturers and why it’s going to be critical to your success. The era of connection is upon us. Already consumers expect to be connected to their products whenever they want and wherever they are. And over the next decade the expectation is that the number of connected devices are going to significantly increase, enabling companies to provide unique customer experiences, incorporate agile design and implement predictive maintenance. Together we’ll look at how we, as an industry, need to look at the next generation of products we design and services we offer as a means of growing company revenue and possibly implementing Products as a Service. This session will be very practical looking at genuine applications for Australian manufacturers. Presented by Matthew McKnight, Autodesk Australia.

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