Create a Flexible Hose Route

Inventors Tube and Pipe Tools – Create a Flexible Hose Route
The Tube and Pipe Environment in Inventor uses tools that are different to the tools normally associated with 3D modelling, and as such present a unique challenge to seasoned designers who have many years’ experience modelling their designs.
Inventor Tube and Pipe - Create a Flexible Hose Route
When starting out with the Tube and Pipe Environment, give yourself a break and remember, learning something new takes some time.

In this post I will touch on how to create a simple flexible hose route.

The key to successful Tube and Pipe modelling is to establish a great foundation, or set of reference geometry your route can link up to to find its way around your design.
For example, when I use Hose Hangers in my design, I place additional work points for the route to connect through.

Work Points added to aid in determining the route
I also create several key work points in my assembly where I know the path of my hose will run through.

Work Points added to aid in determining the route
Once I have these work points and pipe connectors added I can start the Tube and Pipe Environment to create my first Flexible Hose Route.
Create connectors and work points along the route

As always, ensure the Tube and Pipe Styles reflect the type of pipe you wish to create. In this example, a flexible hose with female connectors is required, ½ inch Diameter to suit the connectors in the assembly.
Tube and Pipe Styles
In the following video, watch how I create a new route, choosing the start and end points of the route. Once this route has been created, I can then add Nodes and constrain those nodes (Redefine) to the work points previously created. Use either the spacebar or Right Mouse Button Menu > Select other Direction to specify the route direction at each node.
As the hose is controlled by the work points, when the assembly flexes the hose will follow the position of those work points.

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