Establishing a Shared Coordinate System in Revit

Without a doubt, this has to be one of the Revit features we all struggle with – How to setup a new site file using survey GIS data and establish a Coordinate System that can be shared between Revit project users.

Revit Shared Coordinates

The Revit Help documentation clearly describes the tools to help manage both a local Project and Shared Coordinate System, but how to design a repeatable and dependable workflow is where we begin to stumble.

For example, how to prepare and work with survey GIS data and what do we do with that Revit Survey Point; clip-it, un-clip it, move un-clipped or not… it’s just so easy to get lost.

The steps involved to fully describe a workflow that you can repeat are too much to include here in this blog post, so we have made a PDF document available for download. This guide describes each step along the way to establishing a Revit Shared Coordinate System. It’s a big read!

We start with GIS data that is accessed from the Auckland Council GIS Viewer, then into AutoCAD to combine together the GIS downloaded resources, finishing with the Project Location tools in Revit. To prove we have correctly established a Shared Coordinate System, the Revit project is round tripped back into AutoCAD as a position check. Lastly, we link one Revit file into another, making use of the project Shared Coordinate System.

There are a number of well documented workflows available if you go looking and some who offer alternative methods to establishing a Shared Coordinate System to the one we have described, but hopefully this guide helps you setup your next collaborative Revit project correctly from the start.

CADPRO Systems Ltd – Autodesk Platform Shared Coordinate System Guide PDF File Download

If you would like access to the data sets that support this guide, please email the author Gary Page.

In future post we intend to cover similar topics such as; ‘How to manage and document a single building that is located at multiple named site locations’ and ‘Using the Autodesk Geotechnical Module to easily integrate GIS data from AutoCAD Civil 3D to Revit’ – so stay tuned!

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