Free eBook ~ Design Right by Autodesk – Learn Engineering Statics with ForceEffect

Primarily aimed at Engineering Students and non-engineers, this freely offered ebook is available for download with iBooks on your Mac or iPad. Multi-touch books with interactive features may work best on an iPad.

Design Right - Learn Engineering Statics with ForceEffect


Designing a product to work right can make the difference between a disappointing or great experience for the user; But it all comes down to applying engineering statics. In this ebook you will learn basic design concepts, practice designing a better product and learn to leverage the Autodesk® ForceEffect™ app which simplifies design concept analysis.

Download the ebook from iTunes


ScreenShot - Engineering Tools: The ForceEffect App

ScreenShot - Statics Map

ScreenShot - Internal Load: Tension

ScreenShot - Challenges

ScreenShot - Challenge Exercise 6

You can download the ForceEffect app for free from the iTunes app store. You will need the app to complete the exercises in this ebook.

ForceEffect app on iTunes

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