Fusion 360 Meetup Chch 2

The second meeting of the Fusion 360 Meetup – Christchurch group, which was kindly hosted by FabLab Christchurch and sponsored by CADPRO, was held on Thursday 23 June 2016. We get together one evening a month to explore various aspects of Fusion 360 in the context of the maker movement.

Our first session was an introduction to Fusion 360 and the way it deals with assemblies. Last night’s session was focused on the Freeform tools in the product. We began the session by building a model of a kid’s chair in Fusion 360, and then sending it to Autodesk 123D Make, which is a free tool that automatically slices an .stl mesh file so that a 3D shape can be produced from 2D profiles.  We then took the resulting nests that Make created, and cut them from 3mm plywood on the laser cutter at FabLab. We finished off the session by assembling the chair, which is self-jigging, and all the parts were automatically labelled.

If you’re interested in participating in any future sessions, you can register here.

Here are some pictures from the event.


Using Fusion 360 and 123D Make to design chair.


Cutting the parts on the Thunder Laser


Assembling the chair


Detail of back of chair

Boy in Fusion 360 designed chair

In the next session, we’ll be looking at solid modelling in Fusion 360, and machining a small part on the Roland mini-mill at FabLab Chch. Details on the meetup site, linked above. We hope to see you there.

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