Fusion 360 Tips – New Component

One of the most important tips you can know when starting out with Fusion 360, is to create a New Component before you do anything else. This is true 95% of the time. If you are only designing a single component, like a bolt, then there is no need. But if you wanted to model a nut, bolt and a washer, you need to create one component per item. Doing it first as a matter of habit, will save you a lot of extra work later on, and result in a far more organised design. Fusion 360’s new component command can be accessed two different ways:

  1. Right Click on Top Level Node in the browser

Fusion 360 New Component Browser

  1. Select the command from the Ribbon

Fusion 360 New Component Ribbon

Just remember, if you want to create additional Components, think about your assembly structure. You may not always want the top level to be the parent, you can also right click on an existing component, and create a New Component inside that one instead. As soon as one Component contains another component, it becomes an assembly instead of a part.

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