Fusion 360 Tips – Set Current View As

Fusion 360’s View Cube is an essential user interface element in Fusion 360. You must become familiar with it, and how it impacts your workflow to truly feel comfortable when using Fusion. Visually and functionally it’s very similar to what you will find in many other Autodesk CAD products. The view cube influences the following things:

  1. Your lighting orientation… take a look at the shadow on the view cube and compare it to the shadow and lighting on your model.
  2. If you prefer to use Constrained Orbit (which is the default orbit type), then setting the ‘Top’ correctly will make Orbiting much more predictable.
  3. View Cube settings are independent between the Model and CAM/Manufacture workspaces. Allowing you to configure your views differently to suit your needs.
  4. Drawing views can also be chosen based on the view cube faces.

Fusion 360 Set Current View As

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