Haas Factory Outlet Open Day in Brisbane

On the 9th & 10th of March, our CAM team headed over to the Haas Factory Outlet Open Day in Brisbane.

They were invited by the CEO, George Buhagiar, to create a couple of demonstrations on their Haas VF-4SS, fitted out with a high-speed rotary 4-axis. The machine came equipped with through spindle coolant and a Renishaw probing system, which meant the team could create some pretty cool workflows. Tooling and workholding was supplied by ChipX, which meant the Haas machine and Autodesk HSM toolpaths came alive with highly productive cutting speeds and aggressive entry angles into pocket features on the parts.

One part was programmed using Autodesk Inventor HSM, and made use of in process probing. This tight integration between our CAM software and the Haas machine control, meant we could cut features on the part, inspect them with the probe, feedback the dimension to the machine control, then recut the feature using a corrected offset to bring the part into the tolerance required by the design. The ease of use was remarkable, and impressed all the attendees of the event over the two days.

The second part was machined using HSMWorks, and featured a full range of 3D, 4 axis wrapping and simultaneous 4-axis toolpaths found in HSMWorks Ultimate. The part was machined across 3 setups, with the final of the 3 setups making use of the HRC-210 high speed rotary table and a Gerardi angle head.


Aaron Powter kindly flew up from Melbourne to support the CADPRO Systems & Haas team for the event and produced a short YouTube video interviewing our team and showing this part being machined. Check it out below:

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