HSM Update – Can’t wait anymore!

Well, there are so many things going on at Autodesk with HSMWorks, Inventor HSM and Fusion 360 Ultimate that I can’t wait any longer!

HSMWorks 2015 and HSMXpress have been released today to be compatible with Solidworks 2015 and enhancements. Check out the video of the new features or this post.

Inventor HSM 2015 Update 4 brought some much needed features with the most significant I can see being various Stock Definitions and Check Surfaces.

Fusion 360 Ultimate is to include CAM for Fusion 360.

Inventor HSM Stock Definitions

Stock Definitions

The most significant of these are the Round Stock and From Solid. Now you can model the casting and finished part using the casting for the stock and the finished part for the model.

There are more examples of when you would use this but this is the easiest to explain in a couple of lines.


Check Surfaces

Inventor HSM Check Surfaces

There are many ways you can take advantage of the Check Surfaces. The most obvious is to tell HSM to not touch particular surfaces and the least obvious is to do the reverse and use it to just machine the surfaces selected.

Fusion 360 Ultimate

Autodesk are going to release the Tech Preview of CAM for Fusion 360 (previously known as CAM360) in November as part of Fusion 360 Ultimate.
For the lucky ones who have paid for Fusion 360 by the 7th November, you will be upgraded to the Ultimate version at no cost and stay paying the lower amount while you keep your contract active! In sales terms save 75% and keep saving it!

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