Its in the Cloud

No not an All About Eve song (for those old enough to remember) but Inventor Optimisation technology Preview 4.
In a nutshell, Inventor Optimisation lets you run FEA simulation on parts and assemblies, taking into account multiple configurations of feature sizes. this enables the designer to find out optimal materials and sizes to minimise  boundary conditions whilst still meeting all design criteria.
“But my machine hasn’t got the power for that” I hear you cry. Fear not, as the calculations are all Cloud based, no processing is done on your PC (in fact you can shut Inventor down and carry on other tasks while the analysis is running.)
“But I’ve not got Inventor Simulation or Pro” I hear you cry further. Again no fear, Inventor Optimisation preview will run in Inventor Suite 2011 as well as Inventor Professional 2011

If the above hasn’t done enough to gain your interest check out this video Inventor Optimisation TP 4 and goto to labs to download Inventor Optimization on Autodesk Labs

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