Keyboard Aliases in Autodesk Inventor 2017


Some of you may have noticed that Keyboard Aliases in Autodesk Inventor have been re-assigned.
For example, where in previous releases of Autodesk Inventor, c = circle in the sketch environment, now you must use a combination of CTRL+SHIFT+C.

Autodesk have made the sketch commands always available to work faster, it is not necessary to create a sketch, or edit a sketch.

This is why c can launch “Center Circle Point” and “Constraint”

Please see the linked PDF file for a comprehensive list of Keyboard Shortcuts and Aliases for use in Inventor 2017.

Inventor Keyboard Aliases

For those of you who like a visual queue for keyboard shortcuts, a text box prompt pop-up window is available, go ahead and use (in Inventor Options > General) the Prompting interaction tools;


TIP: if you attempt to use an alias that is not intended for the environment you are currently in, the dialogue box will display with the character displayed in red. Backspace over that character and a list of valid single keystroke aliases for that environment will be displayed.

For Multi-character Command Aliases you must select the check box as below (#4);


This will cause the dialogue box to display, with a list of aliases, when starting to type the alias.


Of Course, the alias will have a different task associated to it, for example;

C * in the Sketch Environment = Circle or Chamfer or Circular Pattern

C Sketch

C * in the Part Environment = Connector Authoring or Circle or Chamfer

C Part

C * in the Assembly Environment = Constraint or Circle or Chamfer or Copy Components

C Assembly

C * in the Presentation Environment = No Command

C Presentation

C * in the Drawing Environment = Caterpillar or Centerline Bisector or Circle Centerline or Center Mark or or Chamfer Note or Crop.

C Drawing

NOTE: in the examples above, C can start the Sketched Circle command in the part or Assembly environments. If the Circle command is started Inventor will require a plane or surface to start a new sketch upon, once this sketch is established, the circle will be created.

Hopefully the keyboard Aliases are a bit clearer now but if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Just as a quick addition, Thanks to Peter for reminding me of this; Make use of the ALT Key to display keyboard Aliases.

Autodesk Inventor Keyboard Aliases - ALT Key Aliases

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