Problems accessing Vault and Content Centre

When trying to access Vault or Content centre, you may receive an Error along the lines of

Autodesk Inventor.xxxs is not compatible with the Autodesk Data Management server hosting the following server applications: Vault server version xx.x.xx.x

Now this could be due to the fact you are trying to access an ADMS 2009 server from a Vault 2010 client. However one other common problem is due to Anti Virus software getting in the way. Some AV systems block Web access by programs, and as both Vault and Content Centre use HTTP to connect to the server this can be an issue.
One of the more common Anti Virus programs – NOD 32 – is easily fixed. Access the Settings options for your NOD 32 (most commonly this can be done by Right Mouse clicking on the System Tray icon). From the tree navigate to the Web Access Protection section. In here you will need to list all the programs that will use Vault and content Centre access (So most commonly these will be Vault.exe, Acad.exe, Inventor.exe and TaskScheduler.exe)

If you have come across similar issues with other Anti Virus software, or have any other questions on Vault connectivity issues let us know.

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