Removing ‘Ghost’ image links from Inventor drawings to allow Check In to Vault

I’ve had problems checking legacy drawings into a few sites I have gone to recently. I’ve generally been there to either get them back on board with Vault, or for a completely new implementation of Vault Basic, Workgroup or Professional.
The problem seems to come about when these old drawings or the templates they were created from, used and older logo in the title block at some point in time.

Where is the second image in the links dialog?

As you can see in the image above, you can see an extra image in the Vault browser which isn’t present in the Document Links and Embeddings dialog!

This Autodesk forum thread gave us the solution, then our Gav bashed together so good old VBA to help the process along. The macro code has been posted in that thread.

It’s quite likely that VBA7 may cause you problems. You might have to install the whole thing, or just install the language pack to get the Macro and VBA Editor buttons to work.

I’ve created this video here explaining how to load Gavin’s code and then run the macro on your drawing.

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