Surprise Visit from a petrol-head friend of CADPRO

If you live in New Zealand, and you’re into motorbikes, no doubt you will have heard of the slightly eccentric Phil Garrett. Phil has been a stalwart of the motorcycle scene for many years, and is well known for his crazy projects and ideas such as the Flying Kiwi motorcycle side-car land speed record that he set in 2005.

A few years ago, Phil lent us a motorbike to display on our stand at the Southmach trade-show in Christchurch. While chatting to him at our booth, we demonstrated Autodesk’s 123D Make technology on an iPad, and sent him an email with a kitset of dxfs for a ‘slot-together’ dinosaur’s head. We thought that was that, until one day Phil turned up at our office and proudly presented a fully assembled T-Rex head on a stand, that he had constructed. Here it is, with a scale model of one of his early Flying Kiwi prototypes.

After a while, we had forgotten about dinosaurs’ heads, but Phil hadn’t. Six months later, he raced into our office and eagerly told us about his plan to turn a motorbike into a dinosaur, and go and race it on the Bonneville salt flats. If had been anyone else, we may have laughed it off, but he had that mad-scientist sort of glint in his eye. He had come to us, to find out how to create the dinosaur shape that would form the basis of the fairing. Through a series of steps and processes beginning with a 123D catch model of the basic bike, followed by some 3DS Max wizardry from Peter Crawley, we had a digital model that could then be used for fabricating the actual fairing. I’m not going to go into more detail here, as these processes will be covered in other blog posts and articles. The main reason for this post, is because Phil just dropped into our office today and said: “guys, I’ve got some things to show you.”

We suspected that Dino-bike was in the truck parked outside. We didn’t know however, that we would have to climb past a genuine Britten V1000 race-bike to get to see it. The pictures speak for themselves!

Dino-bike rear
Dino-bike side
The mighty Britten!
Some of the first carbon fiber race wheels


Still in immaculate condition

Hand-made Carbon fiber Belt Cover
The pipes!

Thanks Phil!
Readers, if you want to check out what Phil is up to:

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