Why does my Inventor file need to be saved?

Sometimes the “save” behavior in Inventor can be puzzling.  For example, you can open a file and  measure a component, or print a drawing, then close it, and Inventor says it needs to save the file.  Why?

There could be any number of reasons – including the usual suspects like an iLogic trigger set to do something before you close the file, or someone else working on the same job but not using
the same project file.  You can usually find the reason for the save by doing the following:

  1. Hit Save to bring up the save dialog showing all the files flagged yes/no.
  2. Put your mouse over the file you are curious about.
  3. CTRL+Right click.

You should get a diagnostic page appear showing all the possible reasons for the save being required.  The reason for your particular file wanting to be saved will be ticked.

Whilst the reasons in the dialog box are a bit cryptic, you can often make out what it’s telling you.  e.g “eSchemaMigrationCmd” mean your file needs migrating as it was created in an older version
of Inventor.

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