What’s new AutoCAD 2015

AutoCAD 2015 delivers new features and many enhancements for both new and seasoned AutoCAD users.
The following highlights are key new features from what is a packed release.

AutoCAD 2015 New UI

Refined Interface

There’s no denying the out of the box dark interface looks slick – the coloured icons really pop!
AutoCAD Mac and some Autodesk 3ds Max users may already be familiar with this dark theme. You can still swap back to the light user interface, but personally I’m sticking with this new one.
AutoCAD 2015 Dark Interface
The new user interface theme extends to in canvas editing. Selected objects are clearly distinguished from
non-selected objects.
AutoCAD 2015 onscreen changes
While using conventional editing commands and grip editing, you will notice a new cursor badge that reflects the edit command in action.
AutoCAD 2015 cursor badges
A client recently commented that working between Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD appears a lot easier when navigating the new AutoCAD 2015 enhanced user interface. “The look and feel is very familiar between both products”.
Note: A small gotcha; AutoCAD 2015 does not include a classic interface workspace. We appreciate that some of our clients have built a lot of in-house customisation around the classic menu and toolbar system. You can still use your legacy customisation, but you will have to build a replacement classic style workspace.

For an excellent tutorial on how to create a classic workspace, see this tutorial over at CADNOTES.

Ribbon Galleries

Visually access Blocks directly from the Ribbon. The Ribbon Gallery provides a quick and easy way to find and place Blocks that exist in the current drawing. For corporate Block management, hosting Blocks on a Tool Palette is still a good alternative when you consider that you can assign Layer and scale properties behind each tool item.
AutoCAD 2015 ribbon gallery, blocks
Galleries are also available for styles that are defined in the current drawing including: dimensions, mleaders, text, tables and table cells.

Command Preview

While working with commands such as Trim, Extend, Fillet and Match Properties, the canvas now previews the changes to the geometry being edited before committing to the changes. The new visual feedback is quick to highlight if you selected the wrong objects while editing.
AutoCAD 2015 onscreen command changes

Selection Enhancements

A new lasso selection helps with rapid object selection. Click the cursor in a blank area of the drawing and then drag around objects to create a lasso selection. For traditional rectangular window or crossing selection, click and release to pick each corner of the rectangle.

AutoCAD 2015 lasso selection, selecting objects

Geographic Location

You can now capture online maps as a static image and print them. Freeze an area within a map location so designs won’t change even if site maps do.
AutoCAD 2015 live maps, printing maps
You must be signed into your Autodesk 360 account to access Online Map Data.

Reality Computing

Support for reality capture is significantly enhanced to provide better performance and more flexibility when working with point cloud files. The Create Point Cloud tool that was previously on the Insert ribbon tab is replaced with a new tool, which the launches Autodesk Recap application. Autodesk Recap now includes geographic location and new colour displays. Improved performance enables denser point cloud display and orienting UCS planes.
AutoCAD 2015 recap, point cloud changes
For a full list of new feature descriptions, download the AutoCAD 2015 Preview Guide
To discuss further how to best integrate these new features straight away, contact CADPRO System Ltd.

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